Paste Tips


With the bad weather we have been having and being bivvy bound due to rain its worth thinking about keeping yourself busy by making yourself various types of hookbaits whilst on the bank using the pastes available on the website. I’m using the Kray & Krill.

Sometimes that different bottom bait can make all the difference, from large 24mm “donkey-chokers” to little 8mm barrels, have a play around with boiling times to get a bait that suits you. Don’t under estimate the use of a xxxxl hookbait as I have taken doubles on 30mm baits hooked smack bang in the bottom lip.
Using a small 8mm cork ball I wrap a small pinch of paste around that just about covers the cork ball then boil for 90 seconds max, let them sit out drying for a day then pot them up with a little drizzle of Kray & Krill dip.
And there's the finished cork ball pop up rigged and ready. I’m using the rig marole bore rings and gardner longshank in an 8, this won’t fully pop up but sits with the hook horizontal and primed and ready to catch hold.
So there you go a few things to play around with when stuck looking out at the rods getting wet.