Easy Spod Mix


1.  Start off with a parti blend style mix like this. Split this 50/50 with the hempseed.

2.  Add your hempseed,if it doesn't already contain tuna like this one you may like to add some at this stage.

3.  I like to then add an old tench anglers trick, crushed egg shells.
    (Not too much, a couple of handfuls is plenty.)


4.  Next goes in some chopped boilies.

5.  Last but not least sweetcorn for a bit of colour.

6.  How the finished mix looks.

Finally although the mix can be dropped out by hand and catapulted a short range the only real way to get it out there is with a spod. For this you will need purpose built equipment. Do not be tempted to use your normal carp rods as they are not up to the job and they will break.